Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Thriller Experience!!!

Recently I went to the theatre to see Thriller Live at The Lyric theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue. It was definitely an amazing experience, especially due to the fact that we were seated in the stalls, row A!! For all you non-theatre goers, that means we were sitting 3 rows from the front. So we were able to see all the actors and dancers facial expressions. At one point, I even saw one of the dancer's sweat drop on someone a few seats down from me. YUCK!!

Recently when I tell people where I was sitting, they would state that it must have cost me a bomb to get tickets in that area of the theatre! Well, me being the queen of savvy spending and saving, I obviously didn't pay full price for the tickets. In fact, I paid half price for them. Resulting in just damaging my wallet of £29.50 + delivery charge. The key is to regularly search reportable sites like ticketmaster and lastminute.com for all their latest offers. Sometimes this can become monotonous, but I would prefer to save them in my 'favourites', check the sites regularly and end up purchasing half price tickets, whilst have the luxury of sitting up close and personal with all the performers.
I think I may go see Legally Blonde the Musical next......

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