Sunday, 13 February 2011

Cash ISA season again

Hey peeps,

Don't forget, it's literally that time of year again, when you need to start looking for the best Cash ISA accounts, to suit your needs. Please ensure you do not leave it to the last minute, to prevent missing out on the best deals.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

VAT changes!!!

Hey peeps,

I can't believe we our in December already, and Christmas is literally around the corner. From now until usually the ending of January, people, including myself, spend an immense amount of money during the Christmas and New Year sales period.

Currently the VAT (value added tax) on goods is 17.5%, but from the 4th January 2011, the VAT on goods will dramatically increase by 2.5%. To put this into perspective, if you buy an item for £100 today, the same item after 4th January would cost you £102.13.
After Christmas my goal is to buy a new TV (yet again!!) during the sales, in order to avoid the hike in the VAT changes in the next few weeks.
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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I'm still here!!!

I haven't blogged in such a long time, since 17th August to be precise!! I know, such a long time, but I haven't been sitting around doing absolutely nothing. I've been to New York, been appointed as the finance editor and features writer for an online inspirational magazine, called in-spireLS. In October, I finished my 3 hour long exam on childhood theorists....okay that has been boring, but the other stuff have been exciting.

Whilst on holiday, I unfortunately lost my BB, which I absolutely treasured like gold dust. Being without it for 5 days, was like existing without oxygen. OK, that's quite severe, but still it was hard. I presumed that the travel insurance I took out with Barclay would mean that my BB would be covered under the personal belongings section of the insurance policy. When I spoke to the customer advisor whilst on my holidays, she explained that I am covered. From that story you would think everything would be OK, but quite the opposite. Upon arriving back in England, when I rang the insurer to fully go ahead with my claim, they informed me that my BB was not covered. Complete disaster or what??? Cut a long story short, ensure you
read the small prints of these insurance policies, no matter how tedious you think they are.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Thriller Experience!!!

Recently I went to the theatre to see Thriller Live at The Lyric theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue. It was definitely an amazing experience, especially due to the fact that we were seated in the stalls, row A!! For all you non-theatre goers, that means we were sitting 3 rows from the front. So we were able to see all the actors and dancers facial expressions. At one point, I even saw one of the dancer's sweat drop on someone a few seats down from me. YUCK!!

Recently when I tell people where I was sitting, they would state that it must have cost me a bomb to get tickets in that area of the theatre! Well, me being the queen of savvy spending and saving, I obviously didn't pay full price for the tickets. In fact, I paid half price for them. Resulting in just damaging my wallet of £29.50 + delivery charge. The key is to regularly search reportable sites like ticketmaster and for all their latest offers. Sometimes this can become monotonous, but I would prefer to save them in my 'favourites', check the sites regularly and end up purchasing half price tickets, whilst have the luxury of sitting up close and personal with all the performers.
I think I may go see Legally Blonde the Musical next......

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Grab those sale items!!!

Goodness gracious me, I haven't blogged in a while. I thought I would give you the consumers a quick tip before I start doing some research on new savvy ways to spend and save your money.
The summer sales are still on, some shops have put further reduction on their current sale items!! I reckon its a good idea to start buying your Christmas presents now!! I know you think its too early, but you will be saving yourself some money, you won't be running around in the big Christmas rush come late November, and lastly, at least you wont be broke during the Christmas/New Year sales, so you can treat yourself without feeling that guilt when payday comes in January and your overdraft has already eaten up your wages.
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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Say goodbye to Child Trust Funds!!

Since the formulation of the new coalition government, they have decided to scrap Child Trust Funds (CTFs) from next year.

"Why are they doing this, since they only introduced this form of savings 8 years ago?"

The purpose of axing CTFs is to help the government save extra money, to assist Britain in crawling out of their ever expanding debt. In doing so, the government aim to approximately save £520m.

There has been a lot of talks that parents that hold existing CTFs will be able to make further contributions until January 2011, thereafter we are still unsure what the governments plans are.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Current accounts. Who needs them?

Majority of us use current accounts to get our wages paid into, but then comes straight back out to pay all our bills.

During this economic down-turn, it is essential that you are a savvy consumer, rather than being an oblivious one.

Throughout life people are often scared of change. What do you owe your current bank if you decide to leave? If they are not offering the best deal, it is time to switch!!

Currently Alliance and Leicester are offering customers a £100 incentive to switch from their current banking provider to their Premier current account. Additionally they guarantee 0% interest on all overdrafts for the next 12 months.

Before thinking about switching it is imperative to discuss with your current provider if there are other accounts that are more tailored to your personal financial circumstances. If they are not coming up with the goods, you know what to do next: