Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I'm still here!!!

I haven't blogged in such a long time, since 17th August to be precise!! I know, such a long time, but I haven't been sitting around doing absolutely nothing. I've been to New York, been appointed as the finance editor and features writer for an online inspirational magazine, called in-spireLS. In October, I finished my 3 hour long exam on childhood theorists....okay that has been boring, but the other stuff have been exciting.

Whilst on holiday, I unfortunately lost my BB, which I absolutely treasured like gold dust. Being without it for 5 days, was like existing without oxygen. OK, that's quite severe, but still it was hard. I presumed that the travel insurance I took out with Barclay would mean that my BB would be covered under the personal belongings section of the insurance policy. When I spoke to the customer advisor whilst on my holidays, she explained that I am covered. From that story you would think everything would be OK, but quite the opposite. Upon arriving back in England, when I rang the insurer to fully go ahead with my claim, they informed me that my BB was not covered. Complete disaster or what??? Cut a long story short, ensure you
read the small prints of these insurance policies, no matter how tedious you think they are.