Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Petrol Hike

As all drivers are currently aware, petrol prices has been slowly creeping up.
In my local area, the minimum you will pay is an astronomical 120.1p per litre!!!!

I have only been driving for 4 years now, within that time I remember when I perceived 89.9p per litre as a total rip off, nowadays drivers would be fighting each other to get half a litre at that price if they could.

"I haven't got time or enough petrol in my tank to be driving around different petrol stations to find the cheapest place" is a very useful internet based tool that allows consumers to research the average cost of petrol in their local area.

Additionally, you can register for free and actually find the name and exact location of the petrol stations that are offering the best prices.
Trust me, the difference between 120.1p per litre and 123.2p per litre is an immense amount of money in terms of filling up those tanks!!!

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  1. I use! And I recently saw petrol for 1.17 at Jet petrol station in streatham. The queue of cars ran into the main road!